Rock Paper Scissors

During much of my divorce, I felt like I was playing Rock Paper Scissors against a much more skilled opponent. Whenever I would pull out the scissors, out would come the rock, crushing my hopes and my progress. So I would retire the pointed attack, opting for the pliability of paper, only to face theContinue reading “Rock Paper Scissors”

Turn Away

I frequently come across posts or emails written by people in the early aftermath of infidelity. The writings are often angry. Powerfully so, the words slashing across the screen like a serrated blade. You can feel the power, the fury. Each sentence an explosion of outrage towards the unfaithful partner, the affair partner and evenContinue reading “Turn Away”

Nothing More to Say

I was catching up with an old friend the other day when she asked the inevitable question about my ex. “Do you think you’ll ever see him again?” “Well, actually, I have,” I replied and proceeded to give her a brief synopsis of the encounter this past April. “I would have yelled in his face,”Continue reading “Nothing More to Say”

Forgiveness 101

Forgiveness. That word is often tossed about in hushed and almost reverent tones. It is the holy grail of one betrayed. Have you forgiven yet? We feel pushed to reach that nirvana, yet we are unsure how to navigate the labyrinthine path that leads us there. Nor are we even sure that we would recognizeContinue reading “Forgiveness 101”