I came home last night to images of the riots in Baltimore on the TV.  I wanted to turn around and walk out, so that I could pretend for just a little longer that we lived in a world where situations like this didn’t occur on a regular basis. It’s sad. Both sides – theContinue reading “Escalation”

I Feel Angry

The journal I kept in those early months after he left is warped and torn. Not from age. But from the force of my pen. I wasn’t angry. I was furious. Nothing about the situation was okay. Nothing was fair. And I wanted him to pay.     If you are fuming at the actionsContinue reading “I Feel Angry”

Voices of Divorce

We all know about The Five Love Languages, but do you know about the five voices of divorce? You may not refer to them by name, but if you have faced the end of a relationship, you have certainly heard their call. Unlike the gentle languages of love, the voices of divorce are harsh, oftenContinue reading “Voices of Divorce”