Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Extinguish Your Divorce Anger

The anger bubbled to the surface, blistering under the broiler that was the financial mess my first husband gifted to me in the divorce. Every month, as I made payments I struggled to afford towards debt that he had accrued, my body would respond with a vicious energy and my mind would rail against theContinue reading “Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Extinguish Your Divorce Anger”

Is My Reaction to Divorce Normal?

The following was shared on my Facebook page recently- “Some days I feel like I got the grief period beat and then something will happen and I catch myself crying.” I responded in part, “That up and down is completely normal. The hurt will fade in time. Just keep your focus on where you wantContinue reading “Is My Reaction to Divorce Normal?”

When You’re Not Ready to Hear the Message

“How could you not have known what was going on?” my friend gently implored after learning about my then-husband’s betrayals and deceptions. “I don’t know!” I lashed out, “I’m not the one at fault at fault here. He lied. He did this to me. He destroyed everything.” The words were sharp in my mouth. MyContinue reading “When You’re Not Ready to Hear the Message”