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not ready to hear the message 2

When You’re Not Ready to Hear the Message

“How could you not have known what was going on?” my friend gently implored after learning about my then-husband’s betrayals and deceptions. “I don’t know!” I lashed out, “I’m not the one at fault...


Is My Reaction to Divorce Normal?

It’s the first question people want me to answer – “Am I normal?” “Have you seen this before?” “Do others respond this way?” When it comes to divorce, there are quite a few surprising...


Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Extinguish Your Divorce Anger

The anger bubbled to the surface, blistering under the broiler that was the financial mess my first husband gifted me in the divorce. Every month, as I struggled to make payments towards debt that...


6 Surprising Causes of Resentment (And How to Neutralize Them)

I could feel it starting to rise in my belly like a yeasty dough set upon a counter in the sun. My reaction was stronger than the action which prompted it, a sure sign...

how could you 28

Why “How Could You Do This to Me?” Is the Wrong Question to Ask

I was a playlist on repeat. “How could he do this to me?” I wailed to my dad as he made sure I was restrained by the seatbelt before racing off to the airport...

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