Just the Facts, Ma’am

I’m realizing that people are getting lost in my story. It’s a doozy. Here’s the crib sheet if you’re trying to keep up…

-I was with my ex husband for 16 years (married for 10).

Who Is He?

-I received a surprise text on July 11, 2009 that he was leaving me and leaving the state (I was out of town visiting my dad at the time). I had no idea this was coming. He was loving and normal the entire time, up until hours before he sent that text.

The Day the Marriage Died

-I then discovered, upon returning home to an empty house, that he had wiped accounts clean, taken out and maxed out a home equity note and had taken out additional credit. I was left with less than nothing.

It’s Not Fraud If You’re Married

Marital Fraud: Questions Answered

-Then, the real shocker. Through an email I discovered that he married a woman 6 days after leaving me, thus committing felony bigamy.

I Was Married to a Con Man

If You’re Going to Get Married Illegally, Be Sure to Pay the Band

-I had him arrested. I talked to his wife. She was as shocked as I was.

Getting Away With Bigamy

-The short answer on the legal system – he got away with everything. There is currently a felony warrant for him for the bigamy. In the divorce, he disappeared instead of fulfilling the terms. Yeah, I still get angry about that sometimes.

Why I Choose Not to Play Criminal Pursuit

-I have had no contact with him since the text. He refused to return calls, emails, etc.

What is a Tsunami Divorce?

-I have no idea where he is or what he is up to. Once the divorce was final, I chose to focus on living my life rather than follow his.

Where is He Now?

-The first year, during the legal process, was rough. Very rough.

PTSD After Divorce

-But I’m not in that place anymore. I worked hard to heal and, through that, have found a desire to help others improve themselves as well, thus the writing and the wellness coaching.

My Motivation

-I lead a much more balanced life than I did before – more yoga and less working at all hours:)

Taming the Monkey Mind

-I am in a new relationship and will be married in the fall of 2013 now in an awesome marriage with an amazing man. The end of a marriage does not mean the end of love.

Love After Divorce: A Reflection on a Journey

My writing spans this entire journey. I talk about the pain and horror. I share the hope. And I speak about the lessons that I am still learning.

Lessons From the End of a Marriage, The Middle of Healing and the Beginning of a Remarriage

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