Lessons From the End of a Marriage

Thriving After Divorce: From Victim to Victor

Five star review – “This is the most inspirational course I’ve ever taken.”


I’m Not Going to Change Your Mind

So often we approach a conversation with the intention of trying to change somebody’s mind. We prepare to argue, to fight. To prove that we are right and, by extension, they are wrong. What...


Feeling Alone in a Relationship

Many memories of my first marriage have faded over time. But there are some that are still as sharp and pointed as the day they occurred. This is one of those. We sat in...


5 Surprisingly Comforting Truths

-1- The hard truth – Knowing everything is an impossible goal.   Why it’s comforting – Ever fall prey to analysis paralysis? Where you become so focused on trying to gather all of the...


8 Strategies to Better Handle Relationship Conflict

Raise your hand if you feel like you could do better when it comes to managing conflict in your relationship. I have both hands up. One of the lovely lasting effects of emerging from...


Today, I’m Grateful

Today, I’m grateful for an amazing start to the new school year. My 8th graders threw me an incredible birthday surprise a few weeks back and each of them wrote me a special note....

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