Lessons From the End of a Marriage

Thriving After Divorce: From Victim to Victor

Five star review – “This is the most inspirational course I’ve ever taken.”


We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

As I mentioned recently, I’m in the early stages of making a major change in my life. This early stage of not-knowing is uncomfortable and so my inclination is to quickly make a decision...


10 Strategies to Release the Anger From Financial Betrayal


The Problem With, “I Can’t Wait For it to Be Over”

“December 31st can’t get here soon enough!” “2019 just needs to end already!” “I can’t wait for this year to be over!” I’m reading and hearing these refrains on an ever-increasing basis. And sometimes...


Top Ten Posts of 2019

1 – 7 Reasons Your Ex Getting Married is the Worst (And 7 Reasons it’s Not) This has been a leader for a few years now. I think people are caught off guard with...


Challenging Fears

I’m the in clarity-seeking and courage-building phase of a major life change. And like any change, it’s scary. Especially in that wind-up to the actual leap. I’m very aware that I need to manage...

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