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“After 15 years on the police force, this is still the story I tell people.”

“Lisa’s story is so raw, so humbling and so inspiring. ”

“One doesn’t have to have a troubled marriage, or a marriage on the brink, to be captivated by this book. I took away many insights that remain with me. ”

“From the very first page you feel what the author is feeling, you are with her as she is delivered the shock of her life. Her husband is gone, but he didn’t die, he simply up and decides one day to leave her, their pets, and their home behind. You feel her shock, her disorientation, her paralyzing fear and disbelief and sadness from the very fist paragraph. You are there with her on the floor, as she shuts down, trying to process the news, completely immobilized by the sudden, debilitating trauma of her husband making the decision to abruptly end their longtime marriage.”

“Knowing I am not the only one to feel this way is so comforting, energizing and able to be hopeful. Whether you are married, single, divorced or not. Everyone should read this book.”

“This book is a very real and down to earth “help yourself” book.”

“Although it is written from a female perspective, I found a lot to relate to as a man. In the end, this book validated my feelings and offered me great hope for the future.”

“From what I learned and I believe she learned, is nobody is important enough to ruin our lives.”

“I have just finished reading Lisa Arends’ “Lessons From the End of a Marriage” and, although I have turned my Kindle off, the story still haunts me. If this book were presented as fiction, readers would say this is not realistic, that no one could be as cruel and destructive as this man was. Yet it is true. It really happened.”

“This books shows the worst of humanity, but it also joyously demonstrates the amazing potential resilience of the human race. We have the ability to let go of hurt, let go of anger, and to choose instead peace and gratitude.”

“Highly recommended read, especially if you are looking for inspiration to power through your own pain and circumstances. Very inspirational.”

“Honest account of a bad divorce and the rebirth that comes afterwards.”

“Lisa’s story is one of overcoming trauma, loss and total deception of a magnitude that those of us who learned of it and those of you who will read her story can only wonder how it would be possible to overcome. She is the living embodiment of grace and as her story unfolds one begins to see that she is a survivor who decides she will not be defeated but will triumph in spite of great wrongs done to destroy her. Her story is gripping from the first paragraph.”

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  1. I’m going to look for this book. Even after three years post divorce I believe there is always room to grow. I’m soooooooo much better today than I was when my husband dropped the bomb that he wanted out of our marriage but I’m intrigued by this book. Can’t wait to read it!

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