This blog is a space for all of those who have experienced the end of a significant relationship and are seeking to move beyond the grief and anger.  Together we can use our past traumas to help each other find balance and well-being in our lives.

My own story began in 2009, when my husband abruptly abandoned me with a text message after 16 years.  I then uncovered financial deceptions going back years and discovered that he married another woman 6 days after leaving me (yup, that is felony bigamy, in case you’re wondering).  Since that time, I have been working to rebuild and balance my life and to use my story and what I have learned from it to help others. (You can find my full story in my book Lessons From the End of a Marriage.)

The end of my marriage was a beginning of a new life. I have successfully navigated the healing process and am in a new (happy and healthy) relationship. Perhaps the title of the blog should actually be Lessons From the End of a Marriage, the Middle of Healing and the Beginning of Remarriage, but the URL would be a bit too long:) I write as one who has been there and made it to the other side.

This is not a blog about navigating the legal aspects of marriage, nor is it a place to bash the ex (although I am sure that may happen from time to time:) ). This blog is about re-centering and re-purposing.  Forgiving our exes, and more importantly, ourselves.  It is about how to create beauty from trauma.  Join me in the journey.

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