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Is My Reaction to Divorce Normal?

The following was shared on my Facebook page recently- “Some days I feel like I got the grief period beat and then something will happen and I catch myself crying.” I responded in part,...


Feeling Crazy After Divorce?

mistaken identity 0

A Case of Mistaken Identity

My car turned yellow while I was at work today. As did the car next to it. And the one next to that. In fact, the entire parking lot looked like it had been...


Why the First Reaction Is Often Not The Real Reaction

“What am I going to tell my mom?” were the first, shameful words out of my mouth when I learned my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was pregnant. I was 14. He was 16. We had only...


You’re Getting Warmer

Do you ever react defensively to someone’s words? I know I do. I’m the queen of, “Yeah, but” and “I can’t” and “You don’t understand.” Someone says something that justifies my ex’s actions and...

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