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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

A Win, a Lose and a Dawning Realization

I’m not sure what happened to September. Or August. Or July, for that matter. Between the Groundhog Day-esque nature of COVID-era living and the magnitude of the work required to teach both remotely and in-person, the days have both been endless and indistinguishable: walk, work, cry, workout, work, sleep, repeat. During the tearful moments, IContinue reading “A Win, a Lose and a Dawning Realization”

8 Surefire Ways to Drive Yourself Crazy Trying to Get Someone to Change

The following are common strategies that we use to try to change others that often backfire.

Wondering if They’ll Cheat? Look For This…

I had the honor of joining Helen Tower last week on her podcast, Sail Infidelity. A listener, an unfaithful spouse, sent in the question, “How can I get my wife to move on from my infidelity?” My first thought was, “I wonder if he’s asking because he hates seeing his wife suffer and wants herContinue reading “Wondering if They’ll Cheat? Look For This…”

How Can I Get My Ex Back?

When we lose someone important in our lives, it’s common to miss them and to wish they were still in our lives. If we ended it, we may wonder if we made a mistake. If they made the decision to leave, we want to know how to get our ex back. Every situation is different;Continue reading “How Can I Get My Ex Back?”

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