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Category: Healthy Relationships

Six Ways We Hurt the Ones We Love

My ex husband used to tell me, “I’ll never hurt you.” I knew it was bullshit. After all, the ones we love are also positioned to hurt us the most, […]

Freedom of Information

It’s been a rough week. I keep telling myself that things will settle down. Yet those things never seem to get the message. I’m usually the strong one. But right […]

Divorce: Formulating Your Exit Strategy

Deciding to divorce is only the first step. Next, especially if you expect your partner to put up a fight, it’s critical to develop your exit strategy. Ensure Your Basic […]


Why Are Boundaries Important?

As a teacher, I get to see boundaries – and the lack thereof – in action every single day. It’s funny how much I have evolved in this since my […]

Signs That You Need to Strengthen Your Boundaries

I wish there was a class in high school that taught people about the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries in personal relationships. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be decided that learning the […]

Marriage is Not a Test

Marriage is not a test. I lived. I loved. I lost. But I didn’t fail. Society makes assumptions about those who are divorced. Maybe we lack the fortitude to persist […]

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