Is It Love? 10 Things We Confuse For Love

When we feel it, it seems so clear – this must be love! Yet in hindsight, sometimes the glossy coating starts to chip away and we realize that those intense and very real feelings weren’t love, but actually something else.   Is it love? Or, is it…   Limerence The year was 1991. Even thoughContinue reading “Is It Love? 10 Things We Confuse For Love”

How to Crush a Crush

Crushes are awesome. They are the first day of sunshine after a rainy week. They are a sweet bite of cake that tastes even better than imagined. They are the anticipation of the release of the sequel to your favorite movie. They remind us that we’re alive. They make us feel attractive and ignite sexualContinue reading “How to Crush a Crush”