The Best Way to Get Over Someone?

It’s common advice –   The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.    And in many ways, this suggestion makes sense. After all, what better way to remind yourself that the one you lost is not the only one than to sample what is available? At the same time,Continue reading “The Best Way to Get Over Someone?”

Guest Post: Sex, Love and Relationship Advice From a Divorced Dad

I believe the main goal of marriage is to stay happily married.  Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. If you feel your marriage is having problems, do something to fix it!  Address the problems and don’t just hope those things will just “go away” or “get better” withContinue reading “Guest Post: Sex, Love and Relationship Advice From a Divorced Dad”

Married Sex Doesn’t Have to Be Lame

The search string, “married sex is lame” led someone to my neck of the blogosphere yesterday. I’m not sure why that combination of words led to me because even though I’ve written a little about sex and more about lame duck marriages, I’ve never written that married sex is lame. Because I don’t think itContinue reading “Married Sex Doesn’t Have to Be Lame”

How to Crush a Crush

Crushes are awesome. They are the first day of sunshine after a rainy week. They are a sweet bite of cake that tastes even better than imagined. They are the anticipation of the release of the sequel to your favorite movie. They remind us that we’re alive. They make us feel attractive and ignite sexualContinue reading “How to Crush a Crush”