Understanding Financial Abuse

financial abuse

When I first realized that I had been a victim of financial abuse at the hands of my husband, my first reaction was fear. How in the world would I be able to survive, much less rebuild, with the accounts bled dry and the debt growing by the day? That was followed by anger. How … Continue reading Understanding Financial Abuse

The Cheater’s Playbook


My ex left behind a letter, typed and in duplicate, when he unexpectedly exited my life. That was followed a couple weeks later by a suicide (attempted) email, sent to both his other wife and my mother. Since I had no other explanations, I poured over those words for months, looking for answers. His words … Continue reading The Cheater’s Playbook

10 Ways to Make Online Dating Suck a Little Less

Online dating can be awesome - you have a huge pool of potential dates to select from, you are able to screen for basic compatibility ahead of time and you can "meet" people while you're on the sofa in your sweats. But online dating has its downsides. The sheer number of people available can be … Continue reading 10 Ways to Make Online Dating Suck a Little Less

Cheater Aversion Syndrome

One rarely-discussed side effect of being cheated on is the vicersal reaction that occurs when you witness infidelity secondhand, even when it only involves strangers. The symptoms can be severe and may include any or all of the following: a sense of disgust and even nausea a feeling of panic or needing to leave the … Continue reading Cheater Aversion Syndrome

Rewriting the End of a Relationship

The end of your relationship isn’t the end of your dreams or of your happiness. It just may be about discovery, renovation, and learning to let go. ____ When a relationship ends, it is natural to focus on what is lost, to fully submerge in the heartache and mourn the departed. It is all too … Continue reading Rewriting the End of a Relationship