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Progress and Room to Grow

Because of the nature of my first marriage (conflict-less because of a deadly combination of his tendency to lie about everything and my inclination to avoid anything too anxiety-provoking) and the way that it...


A Complete Guide to Coping Strategies During Divorce

Divorce is a time when you need to have every possible coping strategy at the ready because it seems that every day brings with it a new challenge. It also seems like everyone is...


Keeping Promises With Myself

One of my biggest regrets in my old life is how much I put on hold, waiting until “the right time” to take action. Because you know how it is, there’s always a reason...


Four Types of Marital Abandonment You Need to Know About

When I filed for a “fault” divorce (which, in retrospect, was a mistake), one of the reasons cited was “marital abandonment.” It was a clear call – he walked out of the house and...


The Problem With Dating While Lonely

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