How We Act When We’re Afraid of Losing Someone

I remember that day vividly. My then-husband was in Brazil, supposedly on a work trip. I was at home and unable to reach him when he failed to return to Atlanta at the anticipated time. As the panic rose, I alternated between frantically looking for information on the internet (Was there a plane crash? A … Continue reading How We Act When We’re Afraid of Losing Someone

This is Where the Magic Happens

My now-husband is a complete and total badass. Last weekend, after fourteen years of blood, sweat, humility and stubbornness, he received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is his fifth black belt, but by far, the most difficult one to achieve. In BJJ, belts are awarded by surprise at the conclusion of a … Continue reading This is Where the Magic Happens

Like Mind, Like Body

Bracing for Impact I went to the physical therapist with a complaint about my right hip. The deep, nagging pain had become prone to snapping, abruptly biting at me with sharp intensity. I wanted help training it to relax, whispering it into submission. The therapist had me stand, back to him, with my arms by … Continue reading Like Mind, Like Body

What’s Your Superpower?

The summer movie blockbuster season is definitely upon us. And with it, comes the inundation of superheroes, each with their own strength and approach. When I was growing up, I remember the heroes and villains were often presented as uni-dimensional, all-good or all-bad. They were fun, but they were far-from realistic. Superheroes are instead like … Continue reading What’s Your Superpower?

The Life You Had is Gone

"The life you had is gone." I would tell myself as a lament and in an attempt to force acceptance. "You now have the opportunity to create a new life." I would continue, in a hope that optimism also operated on the "fake it until you make it" principle. "You can now build a life … Continue reading The Life You Had is Gone