How to Thrive Even When Life is One Day at a Time

Sometimes, we have a five-year plan. Other times, we’re just wondering if we can survive the next hour. And we all need help when life is one day at a time. In that will-I-make-it-through-the-day phase after divorce, I made a little checklist for myself. Actually, that’s not quite true because my brain was too allContinue reading “How to Thrive Even When Life is One Day at a Time”

Faulty Cheating Logic

I keep encountering people who believe the following: If a man cheats on his wife, then the marriage was sexless. If the marriage was sexless, then it was the wife’s fault. Therefore, if a man cheats on his wife, it was the wife’s fault. *I’m sticking with the male cheater and asexual wife here becauseContinue reading “Faulty Cheating Logic”

Conversations Matter

Conversations matter. Through hearing the stories of others, we allow ourselves to question the stories we tell ourselves. By listening to how others experience the world, we give space to perspectives other than our own. When we set down ego and assumptions and defensiveness, we create opportunity for empathy and new understanding. Conversations matter. ToContinue reading “Conversations Matter”