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Act Fast

My online course, Thriving After Divorce, is available until February 9th for only $9.99. “This is the most inspirational course I’ve ever taken.” “Lisa is very compassionate yet she doesn’t sugarcoat things. She’s been...


Notes From a Mid-Winter’s Day

Facebook Memories sent me this photo today. The photo was of our new-at-the-time pup. I was just starting out on a walk with him, enjoying the warmth of the sun and my my increasing...


A Fun Look Back

I started playing video games when I was a kid. The first, Transylvania, was a text-only choose your own adventure-style game that I laboriously typed my way through on an original Macintosh. Later, I...


I’ve Been Slacking

Some time ago, I committed to two small daily acts of self care – a ten-minute meditation session and a minimum of three entries in a gratitude journal app. And I’ve been slacking. According...


Assuming Intent

The year was 1997. Accomplished chess player Garry Kasparov was again facing a unique opponent, the computer known as Deep Blue. When the computer made a move that appeared irrational to Garry, he grew agitated...

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