Do You Suspect Your Partner is Cheating?


Do you suspect your partner is cheating?   I laughed it off at the time. My then-husband had recently become enamored with a particular style of Calvin Klein boxer briefs after years of mainly going commando. Since I was off school for spring break, I took on the task of tracking down several pairs for … Continue reading Do You Suspect Your Partner is Cheating?

Understanding Triggers   Want more ideas and support on dealing with triggers?   Facing Avoidance We avoid because we do not want to suffer. Yet suffering then becomes the background noise of our lives.   Learning to Trust Again: How to Deal With the Triggers There are times when the triggers are activated because of a … Continue reading Understanding Triggers

When Your Pedestal is Too High

When I first met my ex-husband, my focus was on getting to know him. I asked questions without assuming the answers and I listened to his responses without any prior assumptions blocking the way like a clog in a drain. And then, much like what happens when you become familiar with a character in a … Continue reading When Your Pedestal is Too High

Jumping to Conclusions

jumping to conclusions

Once we believe something, even if we leapt recklessly to that opinion, we then proceed to ignore that which doesn't support our conclusion. 

Five Surprising Ways Trust is Frayed


There are some actions whose impact on trust is obvious and catastrophic. Infidelity, sudden abuse, revealing or withholding important information and financial betrayal all sever the ties of emotional security with one brutal slash. Yet many times, the erosion of trust is much more subtle and the belief in your partner happens slowly, one frayed … Continue reading Five Surprising Ways Trust is Frayed