Category: Healing From Divorce


Owning Your Ugly

I was tagged on Twitter yesterday as someone who “owns her ugly.”   It made me smile. And then it made me reflect. You see, I didn’t always own my ugly. In fact, I...


Ten Years Out: Timeline of Healing From Divorce


Guest Post: My Divorce Defines Me

By Adriana Verdad   My divorce defines me. And I’m okay with it…. Recently, I went out for drinks. I met someone at the bar, and after we got to talking we discovered some absolutely...


Reaching a Milestone

Ten years ago today, I awoke excited for the day and for my life. By the time the sun set that night, life as I knew it was gone.  Those “turn-on-a-dime” moments become so...


6 Ways to Reaffirm Yourself That Don’t Involve Dating

There are the good reasons to reenter the dating scene after divorce – you’re happy with your life and you’re looking for someone to share it with, you’ve gained wisdom from healing and you’re...

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