Five Damaging Divorce Stereotypes

Those that have not personally experienced divorce have no shortage of judgements and opinions. These are some of the more common damaging divorce stereotypes that you may encounter -   The Spouse That Initiated the Divorce is a Quitter At some point, you have to make a decision - do you continue to endure a … Continue reading Five Damaging Divorce Stereotypes

The Pitch-Black Room

Heartbreak is a pitch-black room. At first, you're disoriented. Confused. How did the familiar world become replaced by this sarcophagus of grief? There are no windows. No doors. Only darkness. And you're all alone. You can hear life as usual just outside your walls, but you are separated from the activity. The air feels funny. … Continue reading The Pitch-Black Room

Six Ways That Dogs Help Us Heal

In so many ways, every dog is a therapy dog.   1 - Dogs Are a Reflection of Our Energetic State Watch a dog for any length of time and you will learn things about their human companions. Dogs reflect our inner emotional and energetic state. They become a mirror, often giving us a glimpse … Continue reading Six Ways That Dogs Help Us Heal

Going “No Contact” – Signs That It’s Needed

Have you recently endured a breakup or divorce and you're wondering if going "no contact" with your ex is the right decision for you? Here's what to consider:   There is a History of Manipulation or Abuse At its core, abuse is about power and control. Especially if your ex was gaslighting you or was … Continue reading Going “No Contact” – Signs That It’s Needed

Going “No Contact” – Why is it So Hard?

You've decided that you should go "no contact" with your ex, but you're finding that it's much harder than you anticipated to cut off all contact. Why is it so difficult to go "no contact" after a divorce or breakup?   This Person Was an Integral Part of Your Daily Life Just weeks ago, this … Continue reading Going “No Contact” – Why is it So Hard?