Benefits of Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

I had two choices for my morning run today - the relative comfort of a treadmill in my dry and air-conditioned gym or the muddy trails of a nearby park in the rain and oppressive mugginess that blankets the east coast in the warm months. I debated for a few moments, considered how miserable I … Continue reading Benefits of Traveling Outside Your Comfort Zone

Common Challenges in Post-Divorce Relationships

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Post-divorce relationships are often where the fears of experiencing heartbreak again collide with the hope and heady infatuation of early attachment. These opposing emotional forces, along with any lingering unresolved divorce issues, present certain common challenges in relationships entered into after one or both parties experienced divorce.   You meet the right person at the … Continue reading Common Challenges in Post-Divorce Relationships

A “Safe Space” With a Purpose

One of the most precious gifts I received during my divorce was the gift of safe spaces. I had my dear friend's kitchen floor, where I could cry and curse without judgment while surrounded by the comforting activities of normal family life. I had my team at work who seemed to know whether I needed … Continue reading A “Safe Space” With a Purpose

Growing Apart in Marriage

We were inseparable for the better part of ten years. We met at the age of four at a Mother's Day Out group at our church. I remember being drawn to her pigtails, her white-blond cornsilk hair reminded me of one of my dolls and stood in contrast to my much wilder and darker mane. … Continue reading Growing Apart in Marriage

Taking the Long View

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Yesterday was a big day for me. After two decades of carrying the burden, I finally paid off the last of my student loans. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in Discover's response to the zero balance. I wasn't expecting anything too major, maybe just some balloons dropping down from the ceiling, … Continue reading Taking the Long View