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Tag: abandonment


Lessons From the Sudden End of Marriage

I really enjoyed doing this interview. Susanne asked some great questions that led me to talk about parts of my story that I rarely reflect on. Additionally, I also give […]

The Power of “Me Too”

I recently responded to a woman over at Divorce Force. She had just discovered that for 30 of the 34 years she spent with her husband, he had another family. […]

The Perils of Magical Thinking

My mom recently attended a conference on emotional manipulators that addressed how to recognize them and how to help their victims recover. Knowing that the topic hit close to home […]

Your Story Matters

We make sense of the world through stories. I grew up in a church with a very talented pastor. Although I hated sitting through most of the Sunday morning service […]

Leap of Faith

I jumped out of a plane last Saturday. Go back and look at those first two words again. They’re important. Skydiving was added to my bucket list shortly after my […]

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