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Releasing Attachments

Trigger warning: This post contains references to math. No math knowledge is needed to understand the point of the post and no test will be given at the end. I helped to lead a...


The View From Midlife

Midlife is a strange place. Many of my students still seem to think I’m in my 20s, yet I haven’t been carded in over a year. I had to stop to buy face wash...


Fear of the Future

My many years of teaching 8th grade has offered a unique perspective. The entire year is a crossroads, a place where childhood and independence meet and often vie for dominance. The kids are excited...


A Tough Pill For a People-Pleaser to Swallow

I don’t like to disappoint people. I work to not be a bother to others and I like to be liked. On the surface, these might seem to be good qualities in a wife....


A Guidebook to Handling Your Emotions

We don’t come with emotion-handling software already installed. As young children, we were pure, unrestrained emotion. Any disappointment resulted in a red and tear-stained face and joy over the smallest delight would result in...

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