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Category: Living Well

What Do People Get Wrong About You?

What do people get wrong about you? It’s obvious in hindsight that I didn’t know my ex-husband. And it seems that, even after sixteen shared years, he didn’t know me […]

The Problem With Outrage Culture

You can’t consume any media now without facing an onslaught of outrage. Short, punchy headlines are designed to elicit emotion and disapproval at the same time they encourage commenting and […]

What We Gain From Reading Fiction

Its a “snow day” in the ATL today. That means that the temperatures may dip below freezing and the cold rain may solidify into ice or snow. In an an […]

Freedom of Information

It’s been a rough week. I keep telling myself that things will settle down. Yet those things never seem to get the message. I’m usually the strong one. But right […]

Changing the Reflection in the Mirror

On the day after I was left, I looked in the mirror. I saw a woman who had been discarded. Thoughtlessly thrown away like some worn-out or unfashionable sneakers. Good […]

Online Dating for Dogs…Again

Last winter, after the sudden and traumatic loss of our beloved Tiger, we began an earnest online search for a new companion. I immediately recognized the parallels between online dating […]

Are You Writing Your To-Be List?

I would wager that barely a day goes by where you are not at least partially driven by a to-do list. Whether scribbled on a slip of paper, stored neatly […]


When Gratitude is Your Wrapping Paper

When gratitude is your wrapping paper, everything is a gift.   If someone had told me ten years ago that I would ever be grateful for my tsunami divorce, I […]

Forgiving Yourself

I’ve done some dumb things.  Some things I’m not proud of. And some that I’m embarrassed about.   I’ve made bad decisions. Followed by worse ones. And held tightly to […]

Six Ways That Dogs Help Us Heal

In so many ways, every dog is a therapy dog.   1 – Dogs Are a Reflection of Our Energetic State Watch a dog for any length of time and […]

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