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Living With Loss

I received the news yesterday that an amazing former student lost her life to cancer. The message wasn’t a shock, as I had known about the particularly brutal illness, but  advance knowledge of death...


Exercises in Vulnerability

After divorce, we often enter a protective state, curled inward and walled off to the outside world. And without practice, we soon forget the critical skill of being able to be fully seen by...


Self-Doubt During Times of Change

I spent some time this morning journaling about self-doubt. And since this is a common reaction during periods of change and divorce certainly qualifies as a major life renovation, I decided to share my...


We Are the Sum of Our Experiences

As I mentioned recently, I’m in the early stages of making a major change in my life. This early stage of not-knowing is uncomfortable and so my inclination is to quickly make a decision...


The Problem With, “I Can’t Wait For it to Be Over”

“December 31st can’t get here soon enough!” “2019 just needs to end already!” “I can’t wait for this year to be over!” I’m reading and hearing these refrains on an ever-increasing basis. And sometimes...

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