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Understanding Triggers

  Want more ideas and support on dealing with triggers?   Facing Avoidance We avoid because we do not want to suffer. Yet suffering then becomes the background noise of our lives.   Learning...

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The Problem With Always Being “The Strong One”

On Wednesday, I taught the wrong lesson to my 6th grade classes. And then on Thursday, I somehow lost the lesson I had previously prepared for my 8th grade classes. Friday was blessedly uneventful...


Sometimes Life Sucks…

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Life At the Intersection of Yesterday and Tomorrow

My new book is now available on Amazon!   I’m really excited about this one! As my mom recently said, “I feel like all of the writing you’ve been doing the past several years was...


Let the Things That Hurt You, Change You

“I just want to go back to how things were.” Have you ever uttered those words? Experienced that sentiment? I know I have. Had that desire for a time machine or, at the very...

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