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Shame: The Silent Relationship Killer

Is shame at the root of your relationship problems? In most discussions of the common relationship killers, the usual suspects are named: infidelity, finances, addiction, abuse, changes in external demands, […]

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How to End a Marriage

How to end a marriage… The end of a relationship is excruciating whether you are initiating the breakup or you are on the receiving end of the news. Those who […]

A Divorce Proposal

I think we can all agree that ending a marriage should require at least a conversation. But that doesn’t always happen. All too often, because of cowardice, denial or just […]

When Will My Divorce Be Over?

When will my divorce be over? It seems like such a clear-cut question, doesn’t it? Obviously, the divorce is over when the legal process is finalized and you receive a […]

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What Do You Owe Your Spouse?

A reader emailed me, describing his unhappiness in his marriage. He asked if he owed it to his wife to stay in the relationship. My answer? No. Staying in a […]

Footprints on My Heart

The following was one of the responses to my most recent piece on The Good Men Project about how to love someone who is dealing with issues from past relationships: […]

Digital Dumps

So, I guess ending a relationship via text is now an acceptable thing. At least that’s what this article from Psychology Today seems to suggest. The piece calls ending it […]

The Second Time Around

I am as familiar with the statistics as anyone – two thirds of second marriages are expected to end in divorce. There are many factors often cited for this depressing […]

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