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A Guidebook to Handling Your Emotions

We don’t come with emotion-handling software already installed. As young children, we were pure, unrestrained emotion. Any disappointment resulted in a red and tear-stained face and joy over the smallest delight would result in...

cheated on 3

Four Surprising Emotions You May Experience When You’ve Been Cheated On

Shock? Check.   Anger? In droves.   Sadness? The tears were surely a testament to that.   Fear of what was to come? In every moment.   Before I had been on the receiving...

I'm fine 8

“I’m Fine.” (But What Are You Really?)

“I’m fine.” How many times have you declared those words? Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe more? And how many times were those utterances accurate, describing your well-being as exceptional? Thriving? Or, in the more modern use...


Show Them the Door

You find an uninvited man standing in your living room. He’s not saying or doing anything. Just standing there. What do you do?   Do you pretend that there is no man standing in your...


Psychology May be a Soft Science, But She Drives a Hard Bargain

I used to think that I could reason my way through anything.  I viewed psychology and the other soft sciences with derision, much preferring the absolutes of the harder sciences and mathematics.  I thought...

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