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A Guidebook to Handling Your Emotions

We don’t come with emotion-handling software already installed. As young children, we were pure, unrestrained emotion. Any disappointment resulted in a red and tear-stained face and joy over the smallest delight would result in...


Should You Believe Your Triggers?

I could feel it washing over me like a great wave trying to pull me under, both blinding me and choking me. My body went into full-on fight or flight mode, any rational thinking...


Give Yourself Permission

We are often our own harshest critics. We berate ourselves for the same things we respond with compassion to in others. Instead of doing the best we can, we often “should” ourselves into shame...

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15 Ways Fear Hides in Plain Sight

It’s one of the few times my mom ever screamed at me. Because of that, the memory is seared into my mind. I was six years old and ecstatic to visit the “Happiest Place...


You Are Not How You Feel: 8 Ways to Create Space With Your Emotions

It’s been a tumultuous week in this country. Emotions are running high and are leaking out like steam under pressure, burning those caught in its path. Anger, fear and doubt are butting heads with celebration,...

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