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15 Ways Fear Hides in Plain Sight

It’s one of the few times my mom ever screamed at me. Because of that, the memory is seared into my mind. I was six years old and ecstatic to visit the “Happiest Place...


You Are Not How You Feel: 8 Ways to Create Space With Your Emotions

It’s been a tumultuous week in this country. Emotions are running high and are leaking out like steam under pressure, burning those caught in its path. Anger, fear and doubt are butting heads with celebration,...

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Anger Isn’t the Only Emotion to be Managed: 9 Ways to Tame Your Feelings

When I was a kid, I used to have tantrums. And not just any tantrums. The on the ground, store-clearing, face-purpling variety. And I had them a bit longer than was considered to be...

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Emotionally Hungover? How to Get Through the Day

I had an emotional hangover today. Much like the more familiar hangover, it’s caused by excess. Only in this case, the hangover is brought about by too much of the feels than by too...


Gotta Have Faith

This house crush is proving to be an emotional affair. We saw the house this morning. There were no fatal flaws. Just great big spaces and bigger questions. We were not ready to fall...

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