Should You Believe Your Triggers?

I could feel it washing over me like a great wave trying to pull me under, both blinding me and choking me. My body went into full-on fight or flight mode, any rational thinking put on hold until the emergency passed. What was the emergency, you ask? My now-husband mentioned wanting to build a homeContinue reading “Should You Believe Your Triggers?”

Learning to Trust Again: How to Deal With the Triggers

“Will I ever learn to trust again?” I implored of my dad after receiving the surprise text that my husband had left the marriage and left the state. At that point, I was concerned about learning to trust somebody else after being the victim of horrendous gaslighting and betrayal. It was only months later thatContinue reading “Learning to Trust Again: How to Deal With the Triggers”

Ten Unexpected Episodes That Left Me Feeling Triggered

After my former life imploded with a tsunami divorce, there were some situations that I knew would be difficult to face. In order to avoid being triggered, I drove the long way to avoid seeing my former neighborhood with the entrance sign that my husband fabricated the letters for. I was cautious not to goContinue reading “Ten Unexpected Episodes That Left Me Feeling Triggered”