Taking Responsibility: How to Tell When It’s Your Stuff to Own

It can be challenging to determine when something falls on somebody else's shoulders and when it it is ultimately your responsibility to bear. Here are four ways to tell if it's your stuff to own -   1 - A pattern keeps repeating. When I first started casually dating post-divorce, I had guys start to … Continue reading Taking Responsibility: How to Tell When It’s Your Stuff to Own

Understanding Triggers

https://youtu.be/rjtlE2sZHTY   Want more ideas and support on dealing with triggers?   Facing Avoidance We avoid because we do not want to suffer. Yet suffering then becomes the background noise of our lives.   Learning to Trust Again: How to Deal With the Triggers There are times when the triggers are activated because of a … Continue reading Understanding Triggers

A Case of Mistaken Identity

mistaken identity

My car turned yellow while I was at work today. As did the car next to it. And the one next to that. In fact, the entire parking lot looked like it had been handled by the grubby fingers of a kid after eating off-brand Cheetos. And all because trees are not subject to public … Continue reading A Case of Mistaken Identity

Memory Slammed

This morning, I traveled across town to meet a friend. I ended up with a few minutes to spare, so I stopped in to a Home Depot near her house to peek at the stock in the nursery (starting to get excited about planting again!). I was over in the area where I used to … Continue reading Memory Slammed

So the Wind Blows

The storm pummeling Atlanta today has been described already as "historic." I'm not sure if that will be the case but the howling wind and pelting ice outside my window certainly sound as though they are harbingers of the winter apocalypse. I keep having flashbacks to the only other major ice storm I've been through. It … Continue reading So the Wind Blows