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Lessons From the End of a Marriage

A “How to Thrive” Guide After Divorce

Trying to Think in a Time of Stress

I wrote a blog post over the weekend. Then, after it was published, I went back and reread it. And I noticed something startling. In half a dozen cases, I left out whole words. Not typos. Not the wrong word. Or even a missing letter. Simply no word at all. And that’s not the allContinue reading “Trying to Think in a Time of Stress”

Are You Writing Your To-Be List?

I would wager that barely a day goes by where you are not at least partially driven by a to-do list. Whether scribbled on a slip of paper, stored neatly in your phone’s database or merely a memorized inventory of all that you need to accomplish, you move from one task to another. As youContinue reading “Are You Writing Your To-Be List?”

Taking Responsibility: How to Tell When It’s Your Stuff to Own

It can be challenging to determine when something falls on somebody else’s shoulders and when it it is ultimately your responsibility to bear. Here are four ways to tell if it’s your stuff to own –   1 – A pattern keeps repeating. When I first started casually dating post-divorce, I had guys start toContinue reading “Taking Responsibility: How to Tell When It’s Your Stuff to Own”

Guest Post: Five Ways to Make Your Divorce Less Stressful

It’s taken as a given that our lives are getting more and more stressful by the day. In all honesty, it’s not hard to see why: we’re busier than we’ve ever been, the cost of living keeps rising and we’re frequently bombarded with conflicting information. With modern life being so stressful and divorce being oneContinue reading “Guest Post: Five Ways to Make Your Divorce Less Stressful”

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