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Are You Writing Your To-Be List?

I would wager that barely a day goes by where you are not at least partially driven by a to-do list. Whether scribbled on a slip of paper, stored neatly in your phone’s database...


The Single Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For My Mental Health

  And for my fellow introverts, here’s an open letter to share with the extroverts in your life.

transplant shock 1

How to Survive “Transplant Shock” After Divorce

It was a gift, a full and beautiful French hydrangea, with it’s startling blue pom-poms of flowers perched above the simple white wrapping over the pot. I placed it on a counter, where it...

overwhelmed 2

6 Self-Care Tips When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Divorce

These aren’t magic elixirs that will suddenly make everything okay, but these six strategies can help you cope while divorce seems intent on bringing you down:   1 – Limit the Time Spent With...


6 Encouraging Ways to Take Back Your Power After an Unwanted Divorce

I’ve never felt so powerless. I had no money because he had taken it all. I had no voice because he left with a text and refused any contact. I had no information because...

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