Are You Harboring Any of These Toxic Thoughts?

By now, I think we're all pretty aware of toxic people. Those emotional vampires who use, abuse and bully their way through life. We're better able to identify those one-sided relationships that leave us shattered and shelled, picking our splintered pieces off the floor. And we're less tolerant of the mistreatment, less willing to provide … Continue reading Are You Harboring Any of These Toxic Thoughts?

Forget the Casserole! What People in Crisis REALLY Need

When bad things happen to good people, the calvary arrives soon after with food and flowers. Level surfaces soon fill with cards expressing condolences and well wishes. Money is collected to help with both normal and unexpected expenses. Friends and family all want to help and being unable to change the circumstances, they respond with … Continue reading Forget the Casserole! What People in Crisis REALLY Need

Gut Check

As awesome as the Alaskan cruise was, it has one lingering drawback. A solid eight days of eating food that your body is not acclimated to has certain...effects. Human stomachs are rather sensitive creatures, their flora and fauna well-aclimated to our usual diets. And when you take two people that generally eat healthy and at home … Continue reading Gut Check

Take Me to the Other Side

I have a person in my life who is currently in crisis, a breakdown at the intersection of environment and predisposition. A brain hijacked and a life on stutter. For the sake of brevity and anonymity, I'm going to refer to this person as A. But this isn't really about A. It's about all of … Continue reading Take Me to the Other Side

Goal Post

I was packing my file drawers just now and came across the above pages, now worn and sun bleached. I remembered writing a post about it about a year and half ago. Perspective is so funny - those goals seemed so distant then and now even the old post feels ancient, especially with the completion … Continue reading Goal Post