Changing the Reflection in the Mirror

On the day after I was left, I looked in the mirror. I saw a woman who had been discarded. Thoughtlessly thrown away like some worn-out or unfashionable sneakers. Good enough to be walked on, but no longer deemed worthy of the necessary closet space. Some days when I looked in the mirror, I sawContinue reading “Changing the Reflection in the Mirror”

Overcoming Insecurity

They come into my 6th grade accelerated math class with confidence,  believing that they are smart and capable. Few of them have ever experienced struggle in math and so, because of the nature of my course and my teaching philosophy, when they first encounter a concept that is not readily apparent, they panic. Because inContinue reading “Overcoming Insecurity”

The Masks We Wear

I read this response to Robin Williams’ death this morning and it struck a nerve. The author, also in the comedy business, discloses the dark underbelly that is often present beneath the laughs. He describes how childhood trauma or a sense of unworthiness leads to the development of an alter ago – a front manContinue reading “The Masks We Wear”

We All Feel That Way Sometimes

I have a…thing coming up that requires that I be coiffed and groomed. Those are not skills I possess. I mean, I shower and all but I am more wash n go than Barbie. I decided that it was time to invest in some makeup that is designed to look good under lights and onContinue reading “We All Feel That Way Sometimes”