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Why Are Boundaries Important?

As a teacher, I get to see boundaries – and the lack thereof – in action every single day. It’s funny how much I have evolved in this since my […]

Signs That You Need to Strengthen Your Boundaries

I wish there was a class in high school that taught people about the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries in personal relationships. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be decided that learning the […]

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Common Challenges in Post-Divorce Relationships

Post-divorce relationships are often where the fears of experiencing heartbreak again collide with the hope and heady infatuation of early attachment. These opposing emotional forces, along with any lingering unresolved […]

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Marriage and the Fear of Missing Out

Do you have a fear of missing out on life if you commit to marriage? You’re not alone. In some ways, I skipped my twenties. Most teenagers were rapid cycling […]

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How Could They Move On So Quickly?

My ex-husband certainly wasted no time. He didn’t even bother filing for divorce before he married his second (I’m assuming here; there could have been others) wife. Among all of […]


Just Because You Love Someone…

Sometimes love is not enough… When we were on the lookout for a new dog this past winter, one thing became immediately clear – the shelters and the foster homes […]


Overcoming Insecurity

They come into my 6th grade accelerated math class with confidence, ┬ábelieving that they are smart and capable. Few of them have ever experienced struggle in math and so, because […]

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