Self-Doubt During Times of Change

I spent some time this morning journaling about self-doubt. And since this is a common reaction during periods of change and divorce certainly qualifies as a major life renovation, I decided to share my thoughts with you – Self-doubt is a normal, natural and expected part of any transition. It is temporary and it’s worstContinue reading “Self-Doubt During Times of Change”

6 Ways to Reaffirm Yourself That Don’t Involve Dating

There are the good reasons to reenter the dating scene after divorce – you’re happy with your life and you’re looking for someone to share it with, you’ve gained wisdom from healing and you’re ready to put those lessons into action, after reflection and hard work you’re better in touch with want you want outContinue reading “6 Ways to Reaffirm Yourself That Don’t Involve Dating”

Guest Post: The Best Relationship You’ll Ever Have

By Adriana Verdad   You Should Date Yourself After failed attempts at dating, and developing feelings for someone who had none for me, I decided I really should try dating myself. Yes, I’d read about it, multiple times, on the internet, in your typical articles geared towards single women. Honestly, at first I thought it soundedContinue reading “Guest Post: The Best Relationship You’ll Ever Have”

The Perfect Storm of Insecurity

Last night found me obsessively visiting online clothing retailers. I would set the appropriate filters, scan the merchandise and place several items in my virtual cart. Then, without making any moves to complete the purchase, I would do the same on another site. By the end of the evening, I had bought nothing. Because IContinue reading “The Perfect Storm of Insecurity”