Self-Doubt During Times of Change

I spent some time this morning journaling about self-doubt. And since this is a common reaction during periods of change and divorce certainly qualifies as a major life renovation, I decided to share my thoughts with you – Self-doubt is a normal, natural and expected part of any transition. It is temporary and it’s worstContinue reading “Self-Doubt During Times of Change”

Strategies to Override Negative Thoughts After Divorce

It is completely normal to be plagued with negative thoughts during and after divorce. It’s a challenging time where you’re facing loss and uncertainty and your prior coping strategies may not be quite up to the task. Here are some actionable strategies that you can employ if you’re struggling with any of these common negativeContinue reading “Strategies to Override Negative Thoughts After Divorce”

Are You Harboring Any of These Toxic Thoughts?

By now, I think we’re all pretty aware of toxic people. Those emotional vampires who use, abuse and bully their way through life. We’re better able to identify those one-sided relationships that leave us shattered and shelled, picking our splintered pieces off the floor. And we’re less tolerant of the mistreatment, less willing to provideContinue reading “Are You Harboring Any of These Toxic Thoughts?”

101 Completely Normal Thoughts to Have During Divorce

My life is over. So this is what feeling gutted feels like. The bed feels so empty. Cold. There’s nobody to complain about crumbs in the bed. Cookies! Ugh. Now I’m bloated and still sad. Am I going to be alone forever? I could sell everything and leave the country. Start over on some beachContinue reading “101 Completely Normal Thoughts to Have During Divorce”