A Thank-You Note to Winter Storm Jonas

Dear Jonas – I was mad at you on Thursday. You see, your predecessor prompted school to release early on Wednesday without much prior warning. The resulting exhaustion from trying to convince excited kids to engage in math instruction and stress from reworking lesson plans had me a bit raw. And then you showed up.Continue reading “A Thank-You Note to Winter Storm Jonas”

How to Remove a Mindworm

Much like earworms are snippets of a song that refuses to vacate your auditory processing center, mindworms are remnants of thoughts that stubbornly replay through your brain. It’s not only annoying; it’s maladaptive. The stuttering brain becomes stuck on a particular thought and is unable to move on to the next or be receptive toContinue reading “How to Remove a Mindworm”

Curiosity Cap

Do you ever approach a new situation with the assumption it is going to be terrible? Perhaps it’s the biting cold of your first winter run. Or the inaugural road trip with a young child. Or a medical procedure that carries the expectation of pain. The potential list is endless; we greet new experiences withContinue reading “Curiosity Cap”

Are You a Reliable Witness?

When I was in 5th grade, I was in a gifted pull-out program. Two days a week, I got to miss my afternoon classes in order to tackle challenges and puzzles that were outside the state-mandated curriculum. One afternoon, we were all working hard at our tables on a set of brain teasers we hadContinue reading “Are You a Reliable Witness?”