I Was Married to a Con Man

I thought he loved me. It turned out that he was more con man than confidant.  If my husband had been Pinocchio, his nose would have been a giant redwood. While we were married, I thought he was a real boy. Once he disappeared, I learned otherwise. My husband and I used to watch “Lost”Continue reading “I Was Married to a Con Man”

Curiosity Cap

Do you ever approach a new situation with the assumption it is going to be terrible? Perhaps it’s the biting cold of your first winter run. Or the inaugural road trip with a young child. Or a medical procedure that carries the expectation of pain. The potential list is endless; we greet new experiences withContinue reading “Curiosity Cap”

It Doesn’t Get Easier; You Get Stronger

I love the feeling of doing something that was once difficult only to find that it has become easy. I have this one running route that I have been frequenting for the last year or so. It is an eight-mile loop from my house through a nearby neighborhood. This particular community is a favorite trainingContinue reading “It Doesn’t Get Easier; You Get Stronger”

Bone to Chew On

There are days when Tiger needs a bone to chew on. Maybe he’s stressed because of some change in his environment. Maybe he needs to bleed excess energy because the weather hasn’t been conducive to walks or runs. Or, maybe he’s just bored and looking for something to do. Regardless, he’ll get this certain lookContinue reading “Bone to Chew On”