Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries or Hiding Behind Walls?

I thought I was setting boundaries. But in reality I was also building walls. It’s easy to do. To get so carried away with a line in the sand that it becomes the beginning of a foundation of a fortress. A stronghold intended to keep you safe. But that really holds you prisoner. Do youContinue reading “Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries or Hiding Behind Walls?”

An Objective Look At Your Relationship

When we’re on the inside of a relationship, it is often difficult to be objective. After all, we don’t just observe, we experience. We feel. And sometimes we only see what we are prepared to see. So it can be helpful to have a metric with which to assess the health of our relationships. IContinue reading “An Objective Look At Your Relationship”

Role Play

This. Is. Life. Changing. My mom clued me in recently to the Karpman Drama Triangle. It’s a simple and elegant tool that can help you understand and change dysfunctional relationships (not just romantic relationships – familial, friend and work too). This particular description really resonates with me because I think it is possible for everyone to recognizeContinue reading “Role Play”

Bone to Chew On

There are days when Tiger needs a bone to chew on. Maybe he’s stressed because of some change in his environment. Maybe he needs to bleed excess energy because the weather hasn’t been conducive to walks or runs. Or, maybe he’s just bored and looking for something to do. Regardless, he’ll get this certain lookContinue reading “Bone to Chew On”