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Why Are Boundaries Important?

As a teacher, I get to see boundaries – and the lack thereof – in action every single day. It’s funny how much I have evolved in this since my nascent years as an...


How to Get Better at Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Communicating your boundaries can be difficult, especially when it is an important relationship to you. Maintaining those boundaries when they’re challenged or when the consequences become distressing is even harder. The following strategies will...


Why So Many of Us Struggle With Maintaining Boundaries

“But what if I lose the friendship?” I thought as I debated about pressing send on the text message. “So what if you do?” my inner voice replied, “Would that be so bad?” Feeling...


Signs That You Need to Strengthen Your Boundaries

I wish there was a class in high school that taught people about the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries in personal relationships. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be decided that learning the exact year of the...


What Are Boundaries in Personal Relationships?

Parenting can help us learn about boundaries. Imagine a family with a young child. In this household, the rule is, “No cookies until after dinner.” The child, as children do, continually tests this rule....

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