What Are Boundaries in Personal Relationships?

Parenting can help us learn about boundaries. Imagine a family with a young child. In this household, the rule is, “No cookies until after dinner.” The child, as children do, continually tests this rule. “Maybe if I scream loudly enough, I’ll get that cookie”, they think. They push and poke to see what they canContinue reading “What Are Boundaries in Personal Relationships?”

Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries or Hiding Behind Walls?

I thought I was setting boundaries. But in reality I was also building walls. It’s easy to do. To get so carried away with a line in the sand that it becomes the beginning of a foundation of a fortress. A stronghold intended to keep you safe. But that really holds you prisoner. Do youContinue reading “Are You Setting Healthy Boundaries or Hiding Behind Walls?”

How to Deal With Sh*tty People

They’re out there. The sh*tty people. Those that pull others down. Act without regard for others. Use and abuse those around them. They come in almost endless varieties, from the loud insults of the overt jerks to the subtle undermining of the covert abusers. But regardless of their particular guise and preferred delivery, sh*tty peopleContinue reading “How to Deal With Sh*tty People”

How to Love And Be Loved After Divorce

I’ve always hated the term “baggage.”   It implies that that some people are more trouble than they’re worth because of what has happened in their pasts. That those of us who have had the misfortune of cheating exes or tumultuous divorces are somehow doomed by our experiences. It assumes that our histories are ourContinue reading “How to Love And Be Loved After Divorce”