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Can You Find Happiness With a New Partner After An Unwanted Divorce?

“I can’t imagine being happy with any else but her,” the message in my inbox said. The “her” in question was his ex-wife, who had recently initiated an unwanted divorce. “Do you really believe...

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Learning From My Mistakes: How My Second Husband is Different Than My First

Whenever I work with a client who is starting to think about dating again after divorce, I advise them to first make a list of the traits/characteristics they are looking for in their next...

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I’m Determined to Make Marriage Work: Valuable Lessons From Divorce

“A second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.” Oscar Wilde “This is it, though.” I said to my then-boyfriend when he brought up the idea of marriage. “I want to be married...

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9 Reasons You’re Struggling to Find Love Again

Are you struggling to find love again after divorce?   “I’m never going to find anybody else.” “I’m doomed to die an old cat lady.” “Nobody else is ever going to love me like...


The “Ikea Effect” in Marriage

My aunt and uncle came through Atlanta a couple of weeks ago on their trek to escape the horrid winter the north has experienced this year. It was their first time visiting the house...

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