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Why Marriage Can Be Better the Second Time Around

I wrote this piece almost five years ago, just before I said “I do” for the second time. It has definitely been one of the better decisions I have ever made.     I...


4 Lessons From 4 Years of (Re) Marriage

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The Five Most Important Characteristics For a Successful Marriage (or Remarriage)

When it comes to looking for a partner, we are not all looking for the same things. Some gravitate towards outward beauty while others are more concerned with what is inside. Some prefer creative types...

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Learning From My Mistakes: How My Second Husband is Different Than My First

Whenever I work with a client who is starting to think about dating again after divorce, I advise them to first make a list of the traits/characteristics they are looking for in their next...


7 Revealing Truths About People Who Cannot Be Alone

I hear quite frequently from people wondering how and why their exes enter into new relationships so quickly, as though one foot must always be grounded in a partnership. They question if the displayed...

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