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Putting the Lessons Into Play

My husband discussed some hard stuff with me the other day. I’m proud of him for his self-awareness and courage and I’m also proud of me. Because my response, both in moment and in...


Progress and Room to Grow

Because of the nature of my first marriage (conflict-less because of a deadly combination of his tendency to lie about everything and my inclination to avoid anything too anxiety-provoking) and the way that it...

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Why Marriage Can Be Better the Second Time Around

I wrote this piece almost five years ago, just before I said “I do” for the second time. It has definitely been one of the better decisions I have ever made.     I...


4 Lessons From 4 Years of (Re) Marriage

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The Five Most Important Characteristics For a Successful Marriage (or Remarriage)

When it comes to looking for a partner, we are not all looking for the same things. Some gravitate towards outward beauty while others are more concerned with what is inside. Some prefer creative types...

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