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Why Marriage Can Be Better the Second Time Around

I wrote this piece almost five years ago, just before I said “I do” for the second time. It has definitely been one of the better decisions I have ever made.     I...


4 Lessons From 4 Years of (Re) Marriage

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8 Truths You Have to Accept Before Your Second Marriage

It’s easy to be carried away in love. It’s easy to believe that a different spouse will make everything different. It’s easy to think that the past always knows its place. And it’s easy...


Time to Bloom

You would think I would know better by now. But apparently I don’t. Okay, so that’s not quite true. I DO know better. I just choose to ignore what I know I should do...


5 Truths You Have to Accept Before Your Second Marriage

Your Baggage is Your Problem It’s always nice when someone offers to carry our bags for us. There’s a relief that comes from shifting that burden; a sense of freedom when the weight is...

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