Is It Love? 10 Things We Confuse For Love

When we feel it, it seems so clear – this must be love! Yet in hindsight, sometimes the glossy coating starts to chip away and we realize that those intense and very real feelings weren’t love, but actually something else.   Is it love? Or, is it…   Limerence The year was 1991. Even thoughContinue reading “Is It Love? 10 Things We Confuse For Love”

When They Say, “You’ve Changed”

“You’ve changed,” they say to you. Feeling like an accusation. Implying that if you hadn’t transmuted, then things would still be fine. The first reaction is defensive. “No I haven’t!” you insist, even while on some level being aware that as a living and adaptable being, you of course have been slowly changing over time.Continue reading “When They Say, “You’ve Changed””

Guest Post: The Best Relationship You’ll Ever Have

By Adriana Verdad   You Should Date Yourself After failed attempts at dating, and developing feelings for someone who had none for me, I decided I really should try dating myself. Yes, I’d read about it, multiple times, on the internet, in your typical articles geared towards single women. Honestly, at first I thought it soundedContinue reading “Guest Post: The Best Relationship You’ll Ever Have”

Can People Cheat on Someone They Love?

It’s quite the mental conundrum – they claim to love you and yet they have been the source of your greatest pain. Does this mean that the love was a lie? Were they merely stringing you along in order to get what they wanted? Or, did they somehow manage to both love you and betrayContinue reading “Can People Cheat on Someone They Love?”