Diving for Pearls

There are times when Truth is important - When my students use verified geometric theorems to prove triangles congruent. When my husband tells me where he's going on a Tuesday night. When my doctor asks about my family history of cancer.   And then there are times when Truth really doesn't matter.   A person … Continue reading Diving for Pearls

“I Want You” vs. “I Need You”

There's nothing sexy about being needed. I feel it after a long day at work after hundreds of children have made their demands, becoming more task-monitor and cognition-manager than woman. Mothers describe feeling like little more than a milk-generating machine during those months when breastfeeding may be a constant. Bread-winners may start to feel more … Continue reading “I Want You” vs. “I Need You”

Just Because You Love Someone…

  When we were on the lookout for a new dog this past winter, one thing became immediately clear - the shelters and the foster homes were filled with amazing dogs who had been surrendered by their original families. In most cases, these dogs were relinquished not because they weren't loved or because they were … Continue reading Just Because You Love Someone…

Important Factors to Consider Before Relocating for a Relationship

Have you ever relocated for a relationship? I have. Twice. The first time, I followed my future-ex-husband from San Antonio to Atlanta. I left behind family, friends and school to move to unseen apartment in a city that I had never even visited. Even with all of the sacrifice, I never considered not making the … Continue reading Important Factors to Consider Before Relocating for a Relationship

Love, But Not “In Love”

in love

"I love you, but I'm not 'in love' with you."   This sentence, although common, is one of the more bewildering and unsettling statements to both utter and to receive. It both speaks to both caring and to a pulling away. It professes concern while confessing a lack of desire. Those little words are an … Continue reading Love, But Not “In Love”