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Six Revealing Reasons People Cheat

Have you been cheated on and you’re wondering why it happened? (It may not be what you think.) Are you in a relationship and you’re concerned your partner may stray? (Being aware of these...


Three Tricks to NOT Take it Personally

Years ago, I was walking Tiger in the neighborhood when I had a rather unpleasant encounter. A woman was walking her two small dogs on the opposite side of the street. Her dogs, which...


Why Do We Fall in Love With People That Are Bad For Us?

Have you ever fallen for someone that turned out to be bad for you? Who left you worse off than you were before? Who perhaps used you or abused you? My hand is sure...


Divorce Season

It’s always sad to me how many new readers I gain in late December and early January. From a blogging perspective, sure it’s nice to see an uptick in stats, but from a human...

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The Why Trap (And How to Get Out)

There are so many traps post-divorce that can grab hold and keep you stuck – The anger trap that convinces you that you won’t be okay until he or she pays for his or...

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