Why Do We Fall in Love With People That Are Bad For Us?

When I first started dating, I sought out boys that were the opposite of my father.  My logic went like this – my parents divorced, therefor my father didn’t make a good husband, so I would be better off avoiding guys that mirrored my dad.  And I soon fell in love with the man thatContinue reading “Why Do We Fall in Love With People That Are Bad For Us?”

Six Revealing Reasons People Cheat

Have you been cheated on and you’re wondering why it happened? (It may not be what you think.) Are you in a relationship and you’re concerned your partner may stray? (Being aware of these signs can allow arely intervention before an affair occurs.) Would you like to know what to look for in a partnerContinue reading “Six Revealing Reasons People Cheat”

Three Tricks to NOT Take it Personally

Years ago, I was walking Tiger in the neighborhood when I had a rather unpleasant encounter. A woman was walking her two small dogs on the opposite side of the street. Her dogs, which couldn’t have been more than ten pounds apiece, pulled against their restraints, barking wildly, in a determined attempt to get toContinue reading “Three Tricks to NOT Take it Personally”

Divorce Season

It’s always sad to me how many new readers I gain in late December and early January. From a blogging perspective, sure it’s nice to see an uptick in stats, but from a human perspective, every new reader represents one more person facing a painful (and frequently unexpected) divorce. I often wish I had no readers.Continue reading “Divorce Season”