Understanding Financial Abuse

financial abuse

When I first realized that I had been a victim of financial abuse at the hands of my husband, my first reaction was fear. How in the world would I be able to survive, much less rebuild, with the accounts bled dry and the debt growing by the day? That was followed by anger. How … Continue reading Understanding Financial Abuse

Refuse to Be a Victim

“Let me introduce you to the victim advocate,” offered the policeman who had arrested my husband the day before.   I stopped short. That was the first time that word – victim – had ever been applied to me. I certainly felt victimized. My partner of sixteen years had just abandoned me with a text … Continue reading Refuse to Be a Victim

Recognizing the Signs of Covert Abuse

For more information about gaslighting and covert abuse click here. https://youtu.be/EKFKAYz7uFo

Going “No Contact” – Why is it So Hard?

You've decided that you should go "no contact" with your ex, but you're finding that it's much harder than you anticipated to cut off all contact. Why is it so difficult to go "no contact" after a divorce or breakup?   This Person Was an Integral Part of Your Daily Life Just weeks ago, this … Continue reading Going “No Contact” – Why is it So Hard?

Going “No Contact” – Strategies to Make it Work

So you've decided that going no contact is the right decision for you. And now you're wondering how in the world you're going to make it work. Here are some suggestions -   Make Contact More Difficult Delete their number from your phone and remove their email from your contacts. If you tend to reach … Continue reading Going “No Contact” – Strategies to Make it Work