Five Empowering Ways to Recover From Gaslighting

I’ve written about why gaslighting is the worst. Here’s just a snippet: It’s horrifying when you realize that the person you love, you trust, has been slowly and intentionally lying and manipulating you. It’s like that nightmare you had when you were 5 where Santa Claus suddenly turned into a monster. Only this monster isContinue reading “Five Empowering Ways to Recover From Gaslighting”

Understanding Financial Abuse

When I first realized that I had been a victim of financial abuse at the hands of my husband, my first reaction was fear. How in the world would I be able to survive, much less rebuild, with the accounts bled dry and the debt growing by the day? That was followed by anger. HowContinue reading “Understanding Financial Abuse”

What Makes People Susceptible to Gaslighting?

It’s so hard for me now to understand how I fell for my ex-husband’s BS. From where I stand now, his gaslighting and manipulation tactics seems transparent and absurd. But that certainly wasn’t the case while I was living it. In fact, I was more likely to accept that I was crazy than to accuseContinue reading “What Makes People Susceptible to Gaslighting?”