Five Empowering Ways to Recover From Gaslighting

I’ve written about why gaslighting is the worst. Here’s just a snippet: It’s horrifying when you realize that the person you love, you trust, has been slowly and intentionally lying and manipulating you. It’s like that nightmare you had when you were 5 where Santa Claus suddenly turned into a monster. Only this monster isContinue reading “Five Empowering Ways to Recover From Gaslighting”

How to Recover from a Broken Heart

This post on MindBodyGreen goes beyond the usual platitudes to give true insight into the healing process from the end of a relationship. Out of the tips provided, the one that took me the longest to realize was that, regardless of appearances, the pain of a break-up goes both ways. Once I was able toContinue reading “How to Recover from a Broken Heart”