Four Things You DON’T Need to Move On After Divorce

We often get in our own way after divorce, desperately wanting a way out from the pain while at the same time telling ourselves stories that only serve to hold us in the flames. I convinced myself myself that I needed everything from a jail sentence for him to an apology for me, all whileContinue reading “Four Things You DON’T Need to Move On After Divorce”

Six Ways We Hurt the Ones We Love

My ex husband used to tell me, “I’ll never hurt you.” I knew it was bullshit. After all, the ones we love are also positioned to hurt us the most, even when it’s unintentional. Yet even though I knew his statement was wrong, I chose to believe him. Because I wanted it to be true.Continue reading “Six Ways We Hurt the Ones We Love”

Five Damaging Divorce Stereotypes

Those that have not personally experienced divorce have no shortage of judgements and opinions. These are some of the more common damaging divorce stereotypes that you may encounter –   The Spouse That Initiated the Divorce is a Quitter At some point, you have to make a decision – do you continue to endure aContinue reading “Five Damaging Divorce Stereotypes”

How to Move Forward When You Still Want Revenge

Stephen King calls spite “methadone for the soul,” a replacement preoccupation we partake of in order to avoid the real pain of suffering. And much like a drug,  a feeling of ill will towards those who have harmed us is a challenging habit to quit. It’s normal to want to strike back, to want thoseContinue reading “How to Move Forward When You Still Want Revenge”