How to Move Forward When You Still Want Revenge

Stephen King calls spite “methadone for the soul,” a replacement preoccupation we partake of in order to avoid the real pain of suffering. And much like a drug,  a feeling of ill will towards those who have harmed us is a challenging habit to quit. It’s normal to want to strike back, to want thoseContinue reading “How to Move Forward When You Still Want Revenge”

I Feel Angry

The journal I kept in those early months after he left is warped and torn. Not from age. But from the force of my pen. I wasn’t angry. I was furious. Nothing about the situation was okay. Nothing was fair. And I wanted him to pay.     If you are fuming at the actionsContinue reading “I Feel Angry”

Keep Calm. Karma Has Your Back.

Karma. She’s pretty awesome. It’s funny how time changes things. I used to have a driving need to “make him pay.” Then, I lost the need to be his judge and jury, but I still wanted to know that he faced the consequences of his choices. Now? Now, I actually want him to be okay.Continue reading “Keep Calm. Karma Has Your Back.”