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10 Strategies to Release the Anger From Financial Betrayal



Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Extinguish Your Divorce Anger

The anger bubbled to the surface, blistering under the broiler that was the financial mess my first husband gifted to me in the divorce. Every month, as I made payments I struggled to afford...

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Are You Tired of Hearing, “It Will Be Okay”?

“It will be okay” is sometimes a platitude, uttered in ignorance by people who have not ever tried on your shoes, much less walked in them. And that pat phrase, along with its twin,...



I came home last night to images of the riots in Baltimore on the TV.  I wanted to turn around and walk out, so that I could pretend for just a little longer that...


I Feel Angry

The journal I kept in those early months after he left is warped and torn. Not from age. But from the force of my pen. I wasn’t angry. I was furious. Nothing about the...

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