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Three Questions to Ask Yourself to Extinguish Your Divorce Anger

The anger bubbled to the surface, blistering under the broiler that was the financial mess my first husband gifted me in the divorce. Every month, as I struggled to make payments towards debt that he had accrued, my body would respond with a vicious energy and my mind would rail against the unfairness of it all.

That anger was poison roiling inside me, its caustic nature wearing away at me, in some ways causing even more damage than he had done with his reckless spending and deliberate betrayals.

Whenever somebody pointed out that my anger was only hurting me, I grew defensive and, yes, angry. “I’m justified to feel this way!” I would insist. “He did these things and left me to clean up his mess. It’s not fair!”

And I was right.

But so were they.

Read learn the questions I asked myself and the answers that helped released the anger.


    • Good luck! Seriously, mine was an eternity and all ended as it never should have. All I hoped for was Fair at the least. I knew “what” I was dealing with. A pathological liar that had me believing him 16 of 18 years of marriage. (last 2 separated)!
      I got the worst of the worst plus ended up buried with financial burden he just simply walked away from, & the judge let it be known she thought I was the gold digger.

  1. This is great, Lisa. I can’t wait to try your exercises.
    I am the conqueror (I refuse to call myself a victim) of a Triple A divorce–Abuse, Adultery, Addiction (porn).
    I have tried to forgive, but that makes me feel like a co-dependent again. I realize working on my anger would be a better use of my time.

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