Why We Feel the Need to Fix Things

“I am so frustrated at work right now,” a woman vents to her husband. “My team just doesn’t pay attention to deadlines and it keeps impacting my work.” “Why don’t you set up a shared calendar with your team to coordinate deadlines?” the husband suggests, as it seems like an easy and obvious fix toContinue reading “Why We Feel the Need to Fix Things”

What To Do When You’re “Over It” But It Isn’t Over

Are you “over it?”   “Enough is enough!” my client exclaimed, her frustration and determination both succinctly contained in those words. It’s a reaction I think we can all relate to. Sometimes life feels like we’re Indiana Jones trapped in that underground room with the walls relentlessly pressing in. At first, we’re responsive. Reactive. WeContinue reading “What To Do When You’re “Over It” But It Isn’t Over”

Are You Tired of Hearing, “It Will Be Okay”?

“It will be okay” is sometimes a platitude, uttered in ignorance by people who have not ever tried on your shoes, much less walked in them. And that pat phrase, along with its twin, “You’re never given more than you can handle,” can spark ire in the one who is in the midst of theContinue reading “Are You Tired of Hearing, “It Will Be Okay”?”

I’m Doing it Again

I looked back at my post history to see the last time I did it. March. I guess it’s been a good run – 8 months – but it feels like yesterday. I’m doing it again. I’m letting my students dictate my happiness.  Pretty dumb, really, when you think about it. But when I’m doingContinue reading “I’m Doing it Again”