I’m Doing it Again

I looked back at my post history to see the last time I did it. March. I guess it’s been a good run – 8 months – but it feels like yesterday. I’m doing it again. I’m letting my students dictate my happiness.  Pretty dumb, really, when you think about it. But when I’m doingContinue reading “I’m Doing it Again”

The Mental and Physical Benefits of Ten Types of Exercise

We are all aware that exercise provides physical benefits, but we may not be as aware of the mental and emotional rewards that come with physical activity.  Here are ten popular types of exercise and the benefits you can expect to receive. 1) Zumba Zumba is a Latin-dance based class that is fast-paced, fun, andContinue reading “The Mental and Physical Benefits of Ten Types of Exercise”

It is Official; I Am Insane

Just in case you were on the fence about the integrity of my mental faculties, I will provide you with the evidence needed to convince you on which side you should fall. Don’t let all my talk of meditation fool you; I rarely sit still. Today, I just had to go for a run. ItContinue reading “It is Official; I Am Insane”

How a Kettlebell Became My Therapist

I have exercised regularly since high school.  It was always an important part of my life. It allowed me to release excess energy and frustration, it made me feel better physically and emotionally, and it helped me to feel strong. When my divorce occurred, exercise gained an even greater importance in my life.  It allowedContinue reading “How a Kettlebell Became My Therapist”